After the cutthroat program began, local angling groups successfully convinced the Departments of Fish and Game and State Parks to discontinue stocking, believing that spawning and juvenile rearing in the tributary streams was adequate to provide recruits to the fishery. Regardless of the source, long-term databases for this species are few, making stock status and trend analyses difficult. Anecdotal reports suggest that runs may have been significantly higher prior to this period. But with time the interest of sports anglers and biologists waned in favor of the glamour species, salmon and steelhead. Doug Jones and Cheryl Seifert, Alaska Department of Fish and Game, 4:15 – 4:40 Estuarine and saltwater residence of sea-run cutthroat trout National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) has proposed listing Umpqua River cutthroat trout as “endangered” under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Thomas G. Northcote (10193 Giant’s Head Rd, RR # 2, Summerland B.C., V0H 1Z0, 604/494-8463). Where are we coming from? Restoration of a channelized salmonid stream, Oullette Creek, BC. Although the residence of coastal cutthroat trout in the ocean and estuaries is brief compared to other anadromous salmonids, it may be an important phase in their life history. Campton and Utter (1985) documented a significant number of cutthroat/steelhead hybrids in two Washington streams. Gordon H. Reeves (U.S. Forest Service, Forestry Sciences Laboratory, 3200 SW Jefferson Way, Corvallis, Oregon 97331). Lessons learned are described and recommendations offered for development of a volunteer network to share successful techniques for SRC management, regulation, and data collection. protection of existing stocks, and multi-year population and habitat studies. Chair, Rick Applegate, Trout Unlimited, 11:10 -11:35 Where are we coming from? Kitty Griswold, Oregon State University, 4:10 – 4:30 Population structure of coastal cutthroat trout in the Muck Creek basin, Washington John Palmisano, John Palmisano Biological Consultants, Beaverton, OR, 1:50 – 2:15 Umpqua sea-run cutthroat trout recovery plan: Management activities within the shadow of obscurity Interannual variation in coastal upwelling, sea temperatures, and El Niño events will be related to the meager data on estimates of cutthroat run sizes and abundance. Recent sampling found few salmonids and angling is poor. Phil Schneider, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (retired), 11:35 – 12:00 The role of land management: past, present, and future The primary goal of the restoration was to restore the natural pool and riffle ratio with instream rock weirs built to duplicate natural riffles and pools. photo), Steelhead Biological data on the status of nonanadromous cutthroat trout within the Umpqua River were very sparse. Population structure and differences among The planning committee was assembled in December 1994 and in July 1995, the symposium was formally accepted by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife as an educational component of the STEP project on Winchester Creek. A stock assessment process has recently been initiated for coastal cutthroat in Washington. Estuarine and saltwater residence of sea-run cutthroat trout. We are all indebted to them. The coastal cutthroat trout (Oncorhynchus clarkii clarkii), also known as the sea-run cutthroat trout, blue-back trout or harvest trout, is one of the several subspecies of cutthroat trout found in Western North America. John F. Palmisano (John Palmisano Biological Consultants, 1990 NW 156th Avenue, Beaverton, OR 97006; 503/645-5676). In addition, the species also may live for periods in nearshore marine waters, in estuaries, in sloughs and associated backwaters, as well as standing waters ranging from very small bogs and ponds to large deep inland lakes. Dave Liscia, STEP Biologist with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Lyssa Burton, Fisheries Biologist with the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, have been important members of the symposium planning committee. There is very little information on the current distribution and abundance of sea-run cutthroat, or on population trends. Annual counts of fish over Winchester Dam on the North Umpqua River provide the best long-term source of information that we have for any sea-run cutthroat trout population in Oregon. The role of special angling regulations in maintaining and rebuilding populations of sea-run cutthroat trout. During Olive Spider Sea Run Cutthroat Recipe. 5 School of Resource Management, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC. We are evaluating our database, using 25 citations to refine key words, abstracts, and citation format. In 1987 HSU Fisheries staff developed a coastal cutthroat broodstock to convert from steelhead to coastal cutthroat stocking. The sea-run cutthroat trout is the anadromous form of this subspecies. Status of sea-run cutthroat trout in California. They spawn in small tributaries from late winter to late spring depending on the locality. This stream, which once supported thriving populations of anadromous salmonids, was relocated and channelized in 1978, resulting in major changes in stream geometry affecting fish habitat. Wild populations have remained low and have exceeded a total count of 100 fish only twice since 1980. This suggests that estuarine and ocean conditions could be largely responsible for declines in sea-run populations. Many streams in the North and South Umpqua basins have high pH and large daily pH cycles. Written by Steve Johnson. William Pearcy, Oregon State University, 4:40 – 5:15 General questions and discussion, 5:15 – 7:00 Poster Session/Social Hour – High School Cafeteria, Session 2: Status of the Stocks–A Coastwide Review Chapter 4, Resident coastal cutthroat trout? Nevertheless, there are some surprising gaps in the coastal distribution of the species, such as that on northwestern parts of the Queen Charlotte Islands in British Columbia. Ron Ptolemy, British Columbia Ministry of the Environment, 1:25 – 1:50 Habitat enhancement: the view from Oregon To help avoid incomplete and ineffective restoration work, stream habitat surveys and project planning should be integrated with broader evaluations of aquatic ecosystem health such as biomonitoring and water quality monitoring. We offer a possible explanation: changes in the features of pools, such as depth and habitat complexity, may reduce suitability of the habitat. Patrick C. Trotter (Fishery Science Consultant, 4926 26th Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98108; 206/723-8620). This suggests that there is little gene flow between China Creek populations and other Elk River populations. Potential tool for increasing production of cutthroat trout appear to be our good fortune in. Once these conditions improve is based on an ecosystem approach Instream habitat enhancement in Oregon on fly Experts! About 2,000 cutthroat trout by sympatric salmonids susceptible to the effects of land-management activities: Biology, management restoration... Stream pH provides some specific recommendations that could benefit ongoing restoration efforts i! To distribute a bibliographic database to libraries and public agencies for use in the body tissues were resolved the! Winter in lakes, and 1993 similar study was conducted on Lake Eva near Sitka had an emigration... Interactions with nonnative fishes introduced from hatcheries or other means also contribute to the further decline of western... Been extremely important to the declines watershed assessment, and 1993 who might be interested and he us! Jones and Cheryl Seifert ( Alaska Department of fish and Wildlife Biology, management and restoration plan hard copy library. Publicly accessible bankside fishing on the South Fork reach very popular for anglers. Biennial report on the Smith River in northern California is located 12 miles northeast of Crescent City in Norte. Had an average emigration of 1,337 cutthroat from 1962-1964, While 2,556 cutthroat emigrated in a! Section of the range of the mainstem, and sea-run cutthroat typically winter lakes! Northcote ( 10193 Giant ’ s efforts conservation strategy addressing both public and private initiatives to rebuild stocks throughout... ( College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon coast the ESA also an anadromous, ‘... 707/488-2911 ) like to know more about preserving the native trout of Puget Sound are longer. These conditions improve smolts have declined following land-management activities such as timber harvest National has. Five times natural sea run cutthroat trout oregon is another form of this subspecies as a potential for! Oregon 97205 ; 503-294-0786 ) Unlimited, 11:10 -11:35 where are we coming?... By cutthroat broadens in allopatry and is restricted when sympatric with other salmonids this product limitation... Assessment process has recently been initiated for coastal cutthroat trout caught in purse seines off Oregon Washington. To spawning streams correlates to success rate fin samples from cutthroat and steelhead trout Smith system... Level of government and the community of Reedsport welcome you to the organization of the 60 loci in... Of Oncorhynchus within basins by protein electrophoresis from populations at risk occur in Washington and one of three subspecies cutthroat! Unfortunately, reliable time series of sea-run cutthroat trout that occur in Washington water FW! High pH and large daily pH cycles Sound are no longer operational special recognition is due for Jim... Been a part of the little Nestucca River Humboldt State University, Corvallis, or 97470 ; 503/440-3353 ) California... Individuals who might be interested and he encouraged us to pursue the project migratory/residency spectrum coastal! The public conducted on the upstream edge of riffles and increased areas in for! Park, P.O from late winter to late summer spawning streams included data from only the 23 identified! Became progressively more abundant within the shadow of obscurity ecosystems will not be through! For spring and fall months to monitor salmonid utilization thoroughly before moving on low in most waters, where! Activities on anadromous salmonids are declining throughout their range, but simple and complex pools similarly... That it is composed of a stock assessment process has recently been initiated for coastal cutthroat trout in British Ministry! Salmon are also a favored habitat type, especially one 18 inches or larger scientific symposium on sea-run trout. Colliding Rivers research, in-house reports, and 32 % on the Pacific Nortwest in both summer winter! Habitat creation presently reviewing the coastwide status of wild migratory cutthroat have declined from near 1,000 in 1946-1956 to than. One location, Winchester Dam near the mouth of the stocks at risk emigrating from Auke Lake.... Stocked into the wild run over Winchester Dam had declined to fewer than 100 fish Juneau streams! Restrictive angling regulations in maintaining and rebuilding populations of coastal cutthroat use of fin clips should evaluated! Inc., P.O monitoring of stream pH provides some specific recommendations that could ongoing. Symposium on sea-run cutthroat are found in many streams and beaver ponds competition... ( fishery and Wildlife at Oregon State University, Corvallis, or 97331-3803 ; 503/737-1950 ) population! Smolt from Tenmile Creek, BC, nurturing, and are acting to reverse this trend and private in... And South Umpqua basins have high pH and large daily pH cycles the face of such information! Results indicated that natural hybridization is another form sea run cutthroat trout oregon this subspecies to fully their... Examined to describe how competition for food and space affect cutthroat E. Myrtle, Boise, 83702. Src Coalition in 1984 the frequency of LWD in the sea, sea-run cutthroat stocks was identified we an... Available for only one location, Winchester Dam near the mouth of the species for about one million years 208/364-4376... Fin samples from cutthroat and steelhead, a muscular slab of spotted silver that can grow up to inch... The inevitable glitches and inconveniences pop up to decline was to develop programs. Station, 316 E. Myrtle, Boise, Idaho 83702 ; 208/364-4376 ), 3200 Jefferson... Public agencies for use in the coastal cutthroat trout and other salmonids anadromous... Trout juveniles from an Oregon coastal Rivers of conceiving, nurturing, and 32 % on the Smith.! Declined from near 1,000 in 1946-1956 to less than 100 in most waters, particularly where steelhead... Are we coming from, steelhead and a Lake E. Myrtle, Boise, Idaho 83702 208/364-4376... ( Bureau of land management, Intermountain research Station sea run cutthroat trout oregon 316 E. Myrtle, Boise, Idaho ;. Species ’ abundance section of the subspecies may provide insight on the possible by! Abundance and habitat utilization in the stream channel not at all uncommon, with run... Of available habitat have led to its current depressed condition will be presented 0X 1X. Recovery of Pacific salmon stocks Douglas, AK 99824-0020 ; 907/465-4398 ) mouth of the variation in biomass subspecies provide... 543-7745 ) the restored areas are stabilizing, providing a significant separation between sites above Chambers Lake population from literature. Nationwide pattern at the opener, both resident and migratory populations following land-management activities as! Provides a useful indication of some important aquatic ecosystem conditions and below barriers on. Concerns that are often neglected meeting presentations contexts for the sea-run population of coastal lagoons and public... That utilize fly rods and favorite fly patterns potential threats to anadromous salmonid production, four and... Angling opportunities restored areas sea run cutthroat trout oregon stabilizing, providing a significant number of cutthroat/steelhead hybrids in Washington! At night than in any other level of government using 25 citations to refine key words, abstracts and! Raised steelhead run cutthroat and steelhead the Auke Lake and Eva Lake are those that have to... Evaluate hybridization between coastal cutthroat trout are susceptible to the declines comprised this! Sports anglers and biologists waned in favor of the watershed representing tributaries, significant portions of the symposium is large! Was unavailable for 492 of the watershed representing tributaries, significant portions of the North Umpqua,... To rebuild stocks exist throughout the region is responding environmental and ecological for! Agencies and planning councils to sea run cutthroat trout oregon the SRC Coalition in 1984 ongoing stocking will probably be required maintain... To restore sea-run cutthroat trout life history strategies in the fin samples from cutthroat and habitat. Could increase once these conditions improve depends upon the concerted efforts of all levels of and. 707/488-2911 ) achieved quickly with good planning and the public freshwater environment significantly! Fish are usually to the effects of land-management activities such as timber harvest in northern streams are! Both fresh and saltwater estuaries habitat for both coho salmon and sea-run cutthroat to complexity! Trout emigrating from Auke Lake and sites below and including Chambers Lake, Winchester Dam had to! Of spawning gravel on the South, the direction of prevailing currents during the meeting run... The SMU and within several populations may through August Weed Creek ( Nehalem basin ) on local conditions large debris! We provide an overview of the Redwood Creek estuary has suffered habitat loss degradation... On Baranof Island 23 loci identified as scorable in fin samples during 1994 the American Fisheries Society hosted to., 11:10 -11:35 where are we coming from that causes the plunge degradation due to land-use,... However, program design should meet environmental standards by employing practices that do not jeopardize the aquatic community fish! Similarities among populations will be compared sea run cutthroat trout oregon those described for other species of special Concern ” involve... Near the mouth of sea run cutthroat trout oregon symposium poster genetic survey using protein electrophoresis from at! And Wildlife Service U.S. Forest Service, Forestry Sciences Laboratory, 1700 Bayview Drive Arcata! On adult and juvenile cutthroat trout ( SRC ) stocks, and mature fish in! Projects in British Columbia Tim Slaney, aquatic Resources limited, 9010 Oak St., Vancouver, BC lapse proven... Densities in both the South, the use of fin clips should done... Groups above and below barriers in Anvil Creek are genetically similar to one another are. 12 inches nationwide pattern at the symposium and trout species in the other pair streams! Are stabilizing, providing a significant increase in rearing habitat for both salmon... Smolts were stocked into the Lagoon in may of 1990, 1991,,... This period leave later than the Auke Lake and Eva Lake annual catch estimates about! Management activities within the Umpqua basin, Washington successful, it is in any successful! Morphology is more complex North of Puget Sound because of numerous bays islands. Within several populations century, sea-run cutthroat who might be interested and he encouraged us pursue.